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No Pain, All Gain! - Lift table cart

Revolutionize how you move things.

Save your back with effortless lifting and transportation using the Universe Cart – the next-gen Lift Table Cart.

Who is it for?

Here’s how The Universe Cart – the next-gen of Lift Table Carts – can make moving things around as easy as one, two, three!

Experience The Universe Cart

Learn why customers are thrilled with their purchase and taking advantage of the next-gen Lift Table Cart.

The Universe Cart: Next-gen Lift Table Cart

Unlike any other lift table cart, the Universe Cart fills the gaps in the market with innovative features, creating unmatched convenience and versatility for transporting items in the home or wherever you need them. 

For All Your Moving Needs.

Rest assured, the Universe Cart is the perfect companion for your moving needs. In the home, outdoors, or for business purposes, Moving as easy as One, Two, Three!

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Key Features

• Lift Table Cart Functionality: Allows for easy loading and unloading of goods.
• Terrain Compatibility: Operates over rough ground and inclined surfaces.
• Retractable Sides: Enables containment of loads during transport.
• Automatic Braking System: Ensures stability and prevents rolling off.
• Maneuverability: Zero-turn radius for easy navigation in tight spaces.
• Adaptable Capability: Handles various types and sizes of loads.
• Battery-Powered: No manual pumping is required for operation
Features of the next-gen Lift Table Cart, the Universe Cart.

Learn how The Universe Cart, the next-gen Lift Table Cart, can make moving things around as easy as one, two, three!

Our Guarantee

Extra Batteries for The Universe Cart

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Extra Batteries for The Universe Cart

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Universe Cart vs. Alternatives

Moving Dollies:

Traditional Hand Trucks:


Other Lift Carts:

HomeToAuto Universe Cart:

Revolutionizing Lift Table Carts!

Save your back with effortless lifting and transportation using the Universe Cart.

At HomeToAuto, our journey began with a profound realization: It shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle just to move groceries ou a few boxes. Inspired by a commitment to empower individuals, our founders, Michael and Darid, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way people move things. With decades of combined experience in engineering and design, they set out to create a solution that would not only alleviate physical burdens but also enhance independence and quality of life for users of all ages. A new generation of Lift Table Carts was about to be born.

Driven by a passion to make a meaningful difference, we continue to innovate and refine our products, guided by the belief that mobility should be effortless and accessible to all. But our vision extends beyond our first project, as we strive to build a future where individuals can navigate their world with ease and confidence. Join us as we pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering tomorrow.

Our Mission:

To help our customers move things around without lifting or stressing their body, so they can focus on the things that matter most.

Lift Table Cart by home tu auto the universe cart

Meet the team

Michael W. Thomas

CEO and Founder

A Purdue University graduate with over three decades of experience in software engineering and small business management, Michael is the visionary behind HomeToAuto. Inspired by his experience as an apartment manager, where he witnessed the challenges tenants faced in moving heavy items, Michael embarked on a mission to revolutionize mobility solutions. With nearly five years of dedicated work and a keen eye for innovation, he has designed groundbreaking devices, including the patent-pending technologies featured in the Universe Cart.

Darid Demulle

Chief Engineer

Bringing over 12 years of expertise in mechanical design, fabrication, and sales, Darid is the driving force behind the mechanical excellence of our products. His extensive experience spans a wide range of industries, from taffy machines to heavy equipment. Drawn to Michael's vision for enhancing mobility, Darid joined forces with HomeToAuto a few years ago. Together, they have lead the mechanical design and production setup, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.


  • Our shipping policy currently extends to the 48 states in the contiguous United States. We are currently not shipping to any other areas. 

At present, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for the Universe Cart. [LINK HERE]

  • The duration of the battery life for the Universe Cart depends on the battery capacity selected. We offer both 3Ah and 6Ah batteries. To provide guidance, we conducted testing to determine the approximate number of times the lift can be raised and lowered with each battery option. Please note that the actual number of cycles may vary based on the load placed on the cart
  • With a full load of approximately 150 pounds, the 3Ah battery lasted for approximately 80 cycles, which entails fully raising and lowering the lift mechanism. For specific usage scenarios and recommendations regarding battery life and performance, please refer to the product manual or contact our customer service team for assistance. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the information they need to make the most of their Universe
  • Yes, a minimal amount of assembly is required for the Universe Cart. The handlebar is disconnected to facilitate packaging for shipping. Assembly involves reattaching the handlebar using two clips and connecting one electrical connector and two brake cables. While an experienced assembler could complete this task in a couple of minutes, new customers may require approximately five minutes for assembly. For your convenience, we provide clear instructions to guide you through the assembly process. Additionally, we have an assembly video [LINK HERE] available to further assist you in assembling your Universe Cart. 
  • Yes, the Universe Cart can be collapsed for storage to save space when not in use. To do so, the user can lower the load platform to its lowest position and remove the handlebar. Once the handlebar is removed, the cart can be tipped on one end, reducing its dimensions to approximately 25 inches in length and 14 inches in width. While in this collapsed state, the total length of the cart becomes its height, optimizing floor space utilization. This feature makes it convenient to store the Universe Cart in closets, garages, or other compact storage spaces when it’s not needed for transportation tasks.
  • The Universe Cart is constructed from a combination of durable materials designed to ensure reliability and longevity. The frame, lift, and handlebar are crafted from steel, providing robust support and stability during use. The load platform and sides of the cart are made from ABS plastic, known for its strength and impact resistance. The actuator, primarily aluminum on the exterior, contributes to the cart’s smooth lifting mechanism.  The battery is a lithium-ion battery, offering efficient power storage and longevity. These materials are carefully selected to ensure the durability and functionality of the Universe Cart, providing users with a reliable tool for their transportation needs.
  • The Universe Cart has undergone testing in various weather conditions, including rain and extreme temperature fluctuations from sub-freezing winters to hot summers, without encountering any issues. While these tests have demonstrated the cart’s resilience to weather elements in short-term exposure, it’s important to note that prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, such as leaving it outdoors in the rain for extended periods, has not been extensively evaluated. Therefore, while the Universe Cart exhibits weather-resistant qualities based on our testing, we recommend exercising caution and avoiding prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions whenever possible. 
  • Yes, we understand that wear and tear or unexpected damage can occur over time, so we plan to provide replacement parts for sale to ensure the longevity and functionality of your Universe Cart. 
  • Replacement parts will be available for the main components that may require maintenance or replacement, including the battery, sides, load platform, actuator, and wheels.

We love our customers, so please email us with any questions or requests.

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